Silicon Author

Would you read a book written by a computer? Philip Parker, who has written programs which make this possible discusses the issues with author Tiffany Reisz. Scroll forward to 2:21:50 of this edition of Today.



This edition of Radio 4’s Analysis deals with the notion of a UK with a possible reduced role in Europe. Another strand, not mentioned in the programme, is the effect of this on Scotland’s 2014 referendum. If it were felt that the UK might ease out of Europe, would Europhile Scots be more inclined to a Yes vote?


When driving the rutted road to work, a sense of the big picture can brighten the journey. Recessionary news and political party conferences don’t do it for me. Physicists testing whether our world is real or merely a simulation just about does it.

Physicist Professor Silas Beane and philosopher Dr. Peter Millican chew the fat with Evan Davies. Scroll forward to 2:21:20 here

Should I worry that such chat makes no less sense than the ‘real news’?


Today marks the 10th anniversary of a British person turning to Dignitas for what has become known as ‘assisted suicide’.

No such option is available in the UK and some believe that this needs to change. Of course, many disagree.

The interviewee in this programme (scroll to 1:41:40) describes a situation where her husband, sufficiently ill to be embracing this option, was really too ill to be travelling. Would such a facility in the UK be a humane option?