Digital e-state

What should happen to your online life when your on-Earth one comes to an end? If you had time would you ‘get your affairs in order’ before you passed on? What about sudden death? Who owns your online life then?

This edition of Out of the Ordinary investigates such matters.


Google Translate

Have you ever used Google Translate and wonder how it works? Kenneth Cukier (@kncukier), The Economist’s Data Editor and author of Big Data describes something of it in this episode of Start the Week – scroll forward to 25′ 15″


Hackers. Hacktivists. Who are they? What do they want? Radio 4’s Simon Cox explores. There seem to be a few Scots voices in there. One interesting phrase caught my ear: Transnational Global Cyber Insurgency.

Home, James and don’t spare the horsepower

Would you get in a driverless car? Who would want to own such a thing? Perhaps the man with only 5% vision using the Google Car in this film?

I always fascinated by new tech but had overlooked the uses of this for many people currently forbidden to drive.

Scroll to 35:21 of this episode of Broadcasting House to find out more. The piece features Paul Newman – no the other one…