Toddlers and Telly

There’s much more to this Life Scientific interview than the title of my post suggests, but consideration of the topic is typical of Annette Karmiloff-Smith‘s common sense approach to developmental psychology. She explains lucidly why the problem is less to do with content than the fact that most activity is restricted to the centre of the screen. Bespoke infants’ programmes would encourage more tracking, along with more intelligent use of colour and sound, including music and changes of voice.


Fit for Survival

A gene for fitness – who knew? This is the discovery of Professor Hugh Montgomery. Or should I say ‘these’ as low and high ‘ace’ refer to endurance and explosive speed (or lifting) respectively.

His interest in fitness in extreme conditions, such as high altitude, chimes with his research into survival and interventions in intensive care. Findings suggest that doing less may increase survival chances. Perhaps the name may have to change then.

Of course, the notion of Do Not Resuscitate arises. How could you ensure your wishes were known? Tattoo?

Jim Al-Khalili interviews Prof Montgomery in this edition of The Life Scientific.