Alexei Sayle

Although I’ve pretty much given up on the stand-up industry (why outsource your humour to strangers, when many of your pals are funnier?) I made an exception for the renaissance of Alexei Sayle at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh’s York Place. It was his first tour in 17 years and it was a great night!

In this episode of Front Row he discusses what’s changed during all those years. Despite ‘accusations’ of mellowing, there remains more than a hint of the old 80s bile.

Also, there is a short piece on The Traverse Theatre which celebrates its 50th birthday with fifty 500-word plays this weekend.


John Finnemore

I’ve recently stumbled upon John Finnemore of Cabin Pressure fame.

When you see his bio you realise the pedigree that leads to his success.

I’m really impressed by the dialogue in his sketches, such as the one where a pedant (like me) comments on a younger person’s English usage and comes off the worse for it. That sketch features in the latest programme